Who I am

Primary school up to 1962 in Sibiu (German 'Hermannstadt') .

College 'National college Gheorghe Lazar, Sibiu' and university-entrance diploma| ’Bacalaureat' Examine in 1965.

Additional, education at the Music school; Tuba and choir conduction.

Successful admittance examination, 1965, at  'The George Enescu  University of Arts, Iasi / Romania' , Composition and Musicology Faculty.

Now, comes seven wonderful study years. Hire I found me big love, Dorina. We have a daughter,   Anne (married with Stefan Sailer), and they are teachers for German and History at two Colleges in Landshut / Bavaria .

In the first autumn, 1965, I found "The METEOR" guitar band, together with my best friend and school college, Bernd Racz. 

Government examination in Feb.1973.  I am a ' Profesori de muzica' ,   or College Music teacher in Bavaria .

From 1972 teacher at the 'College Saliste ' and then in Sibiu .  I love me profession and whose respected by pupil.

With the ' Erik Monyak Sextett', where I play bass guitar and tuba,  I  discover Dixieland. Concerts and tours, records, TV, regular participation at the ' Sibiu jazz festival' and much more, from 1974 to 1978.

After them, more concerts with 'The METEOR2'

Emigration 1986 to West Germany . From autumn, we living in   Augsburg; our new residence.

I lost mz profession, while diploma admission from Bavarian Culture Ministry comes to late and I didn’t want, to wait a full year more. So, I accept the offer of the employment office and start, 40 years old, a new study. After two years intensive informatics and a certified examination in 1989, I begun with software developing, using Borland C++.

In 1992, I found a new job as software developer (CAD/CAM, SQL, PPS, PLC, NC...), in a fast increasing company, near Donauwoerth / Bavaria .

My new profession is my hobby.