What i do

  Software developing  


    Conductor of the "Choir of the Seven Boroghs Saxons" in Augsburg (up to 1999)


   Kontakt: Fr. Erna Szilagyi; Tel. (0821) 71 28 81

   oder E-Mail an Chor@hansgrau.de



   yearly meeting in Black Forest. Last time 1998. 


  My latest hobby is 20 years old.

   With photo and video camera on the way, in holiday.  The result are holiday reports and family happenings, cuter, with transitions,  comments (German, Romanian and school English) and background music.  Meantime many DVD and now, blu ray disk (BD).  A pleasure for me and my friends,  after a long and heavy work day.

   But the last technical progress is fascinated. Stereoscopic recording ( 3D) with the newest  SONY camcorder and produced with Sony Vegas 12 and then, played an a 3D able TV device,  looked with 3D glass, is a special enjoy!

   Try 3D videoclip.....