THE METEOR guitar band whose build in November 1965 in Iasi / Romania from  Bernd Racz (rhythm guitar ), student at the "Alexandru Ioan Cuzai" University / Geography   and me, Hans Grau, student on the "George Enescu" University of arts / "profesori de musica" faculty . We found a good lead guitar player,   Cezar Daniil, student on the Medicine University and Costel (drums), who discover the trial room in Tatarasi / Iasi. After some weeks, we give our first dance evening and play with amplification stations constructed from me. So, I whose the electronic specialist of our band. We play instrumental pieces from The Shadows and rock'n rolls. In the autumn of 1966 we becomes a repetition room in the "Student Culture House" and found a very good organizer / manager, Misu Osipov. In the fellow, we exercise every day and give concert's in the all Romania, with big success. 1967 retire Cesar, while he becomes a chance  for a academic future (to time, professor doctor at  the   Medicine University of Iasi / Radiologie).    In the same year attached to us the singer Ionica Ghircoiasu  (alias Johannes Just), student at the "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi / Chemical faculty and  Hannes Tobie (lead guitar), student at the  Technical University of Iasi / Electromechanical faculty. Remember, three "Germans" play "decadent" "capitalist" music in the dark time of Communism, on Romanian stages. So, we have more drummers. After Costel comes Pussi Chisinevski, then Isaac Spiel.                We has every concert some guest singer like Dan Spataru, Aurelian Andreescu, Stefan Banica, Stela Popescu, Mihai Constantiniu and meny others. Some day, come the question: why not a musical carrier with our one compositions  ? The answer whose NO. The future shine us to dark, to superficial and unserious. So, we continue to sample Beatles, Stones, Equals and others and auto dissolve us in 1970like a meteor. We have a lot of very nice remembrance. The fantastic ambiance in concert, the many crying and exalting girls, the role of the (small ) local prince and the less gain  give us trust in our one power and success in life. Bernd, Hannes, Johannes and me live and work in Germany. We have family. One time in year, we get a big rock'n roll party with our friends in the Black Forest.           

 _METEOR 2000 live, with "Gimpel" alias GŁnther Roth from Sibiu. 


Bernd Racz

Born in March 1947, at Sibiu. My colleg and best friend from the 8 class at   "Gheorghe Lazar " College / Sibiu , german section to finish of our study. The guitar and electronic bring us very sun together. Our first musical performance whose the first dance band in the high school, spring 1965. With our drummer, C.Tureanu and others, we play at some high school dances and banquets. Bernd and me take a small apartment, in the Sarariei street 142, in Iasi and has a very active study time. Bernd finish in  1970 with Government Examination an teach Geography at the College  in Miercurea.    He married Ingemaya (a nice love story)  and emigrate in 1972 to Germany.  After two additional study years, becomes a job as Geography teacher at the HighSchool in Immendingen, where he is to day. As a passionate  Geographer, Bernd travel every year thru the all world.  Cole him. He is possible home or some where, between Namibia and Mongolia, Australia or Island.  

Hannes Tobie

Born 1949, in Sibiu. Study electro technical from 1967 to 1973 in Iasi. Engineer in Sibiu to his emigration, together with his wife, Marianne, to Germany, in 1978.  They live in Stockach, at the Bodensee lake, where Hannes open an expert office for electronically control systems   for industrial projects.


Ionică Ghircoiaşu    alias Johannes Just

Born in 1949 in Bucharest. He study industrial chemistry at the Technical University of Iasi. Engineer in Bucharest. He emigrate in 1984 to Germany an take the name of his wife. Johannes has a agitated life with heights and depth', big successes, but not ever. To time, consultant for marketing, engineering and  financing. On the road between Canada, Germany  and Romania.  My good friend and partner on tour. My god; so many crazy adventures happened together !    

'Ică' Radu Atanasie.  Our introducer and joker. All presented jokes whose created from him self. Some time, we whose envious for his big success.


Without  details, while missed, remember in fellow, other members of METEOR between 1965 / 1970 in Iasi / Romania:


Florica Popescu

Liviu Bulăceanu

Riki Dandel


Nancy Brandes