The raock'n roll group METEOR was founded in November 1965 in Iasi / Romania from my friend and harmonic guitar player, Bernd Racz and me, at bass guitar.

Oure friends from Hermannstadt / Sibiu

Burn between  1945 und 1955. Friends with the same attitude, ideology and ancestry, while leaving and educated in the same environment. The laut clique bathe in „Scheier Muele“ public bath;  garden partys every summer weekend, grouped „Easter bespatter“,  skiing at „High Chamfer“ / Paltinis and  the first common experience in life. All with the same wish: friendship for life. The kernel build the “Iasier”; include Weingärtner, 'Pui' Scherer, Hannes Wepprich and others. One tome in year we gathering us in a Black Forest   cabana to our famous forest party, at Stockach. There, Friends can see and enjoy  live METEOR and rock to break down.

The „Iasier“

They are our friends, who study in Iasi like me: Heinz Dengel, Werner Zacharides and others.  Companion at the METEOR concert tours. A prosperous examination and a bottle of vodka was enough to organize a small dance party in our big flat share, with student girls, who has a reason to, or not, for celebrate.  We have a lot of fun together.


Dixieland Sextett 'Erik Manyak'

with Erik Manya (rompete, piano and leader), Lucian Fabro (drums), Sepp Gertz (Trompete),  Sepp Liebhard (Sax), 'Butzi' Resch (Guitar), Hans Grau (Bas). Often Performance in the German  channel  of  Romanian TV.  Meny concerts in “Seven Boroughs” / Transylvania country.   Colaboration  at the theater in Sibiu ; 'Stefan Ludwig Roth' 1978, for  example.  Regular  appearance at   Sibiu Jazz Festival.  Here a small  videoclip from 1976, record in Sibiu for TV.


METEOR 2 and Mirel Rusu

In the seventies, when life in Romania get heavy, y meet Mirel Rusu (computer scientist  at Sibiu Computing Center ) and with other four ( Adi Marinovitch, Butyi Resch, Petrica Florea and Lotyi Papp)  we found METEOR 2, a dance music band. We play every things, nearly every weekend at a dancing fest or wedding. Romanian, Hungaryan and German folk music; café concert and dancing music, from ABBA to OPUS (do you remember the song “Live is live” ?). Mirel was my partner. Now, he live and work in Montreal / Canada and we see us rare; what y regret.

Familie Csernik

Unsere netten Nachbarn, von 'obenauf'. Über die Kinder, sind wir uns dann näher gekommen. Die Beiden sind inzwischen 'PC Experten' geworden. Ich habe auch ein bisschen beigetragen. Leider sind sie umgezogen. Benjamin (15) hat diese Homepage aufgesetzt und Christofer (12) hat einen humoristischen Beitrag erstellt. Weitere Einzelheiten unter .